Our research activities:

Plasmonically-powered chemical systems  (read more>)


  • Plasmon driven photochemistry and photophysics

  • Design of SERS platforms - enhancing the Raman signal  intensity through the generation of hot-spots


  • Plasmon-exciton coupling using ensemble  and single-particle studies











Photochemistry and photophysics of semiconductor quantum dots  (read more>)

  • Light-induced energy and electron transfer processes (using various  steady-state and time-resolved techniques)


  • Single-molecule/particle spectroscopy to understand trap states in quantum dots and energy transfer hybrid systems












Chiroptical properties of nanostructures (read more>)

  • Understanding the emergence of chiral plasmons/excitons in supramolecular assemblies  and nanostructures


  • Design of chiral nanostructures


Organization of molecules and nanomaterials on 2D surfaces (read more>)