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Meet our Team!


Ph.D. Students


Sanoop M. S.

Ph.D. Student  (2016 - Present)

Research Interests:  Study of the emergence of chirality and interaction of chromophores in materials and soft organic templates.


Vishnu E. K.

Ph.D. Student  (2017 - Present)

Research Interests:  Synthesis and photophysical studies of semiconductor quantum dots using single particle spectroscopy.

31. Devika 1.jpg

 Devika Rajan

Ph.D. Student  (2020 - Present)

Research Interests: Distance dependent FRET studies of biological molecules using Single molecule spectroscopy.


 Merin Varghese

Ph.D. Student  (2020 - Present)

Research Interests: Detailed time-resolved studies for the identification and quantification of the trap state in semiconductor quantum dots.

Adarsh R_edited.jpg

Adarsh R.

Ph.D. Student  (2023 - Present)

Research Interests: Single molecule and transient absorption spectroscopy.

28. Ajay (1).jpg

Ajaykumar M. P.

Int. Ph.D. Student  (2015 - Present)

Research Interests:  Synthesis of metal nanostructures, Plasmon-exciton interactions, Surface-Enhanced Raman spectroscopy, and Dark-field Scattering microscopy.


Livin Paul

Ph.D. Student  (2019 - Present)

Research Interests:  Investigations on the photophysical properties of semiconductor quantum dots in the ultrafast time scale and study the plasmon-exciton interactions in the nanoscale regime.


 Aiswarya E.

Int. Ph.D. Student  (2018 - Present)

Research Interests: Developing strategies for inducing and enhancing chiroptical properties of organic molecules and soft organic templates.


 Timi Titus

Ph.D. Student  (2022 - Present)

PMRF Fellow

Research Interests: Single molecule spectroscopy.

Research Associates and Postdocs


Dr. T. Shyamala

Research Associate

Research Interests:  Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy and plasmonic nanomaterials.


Dr. Rajendra Ranguwar

Post Doc. (2017 - 2021)

Research Interests:  Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy and plasmonic nanomaterials.

BS-MS/ MS/ Int. Ph.D. Major Project Students


Asma Sherin

BS-MS Student

Research Interests: 


Shraddha R. Bhat

MS Student

Research Interests: 


Lakshmi P.

BS-MS Student

Research Interests: 

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